Daion Application

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Daion Application

Post  Daion on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:25 pm

Character Name: Daion
Jobs: SMN 75
Sub Jobs: Whm, Sch
Merits: none Sad

ZM 14
PM 2-3
ToAU Mission 3
Assault Rank none

Craft Levels: Cooking 15

City and Rank: Windurst 6

Previous Linkshell: RabiesLS(Currently my main), Tribe(dynamis ls,also currently in still), xSublimeBlackSheepx(my ls back when i first started the game, pop on this ls every now and then to see what's up)

Reason for applying to PETS LS: I'm use to being in a Pet ls and they're alot of fun but Rabies has become more of a social ls than anything now so we don't do as much as we use to.

Previous experience: none really

Personal Background: As you can see not too far in anything, i have issues with staying with one job and currently circling between Rng 18, Nin 28, and Sch 39 with blu 40 off to the side right now. im trying to work on the things that im missing atm. People usually find me fun to be around and i usually don't have problems with people and if i do i just shrug it off and let them continue to look like a fool. But meh... when it comes down to it i do what im told and everything else expected of me.


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Re: Daion Application

Post  Hayron on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:58 pm

Thank you for your interest Daion.

Feel free to tell me ingame.


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