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Post  vietbk on Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:01 pm

You need to post your application with this format :

Character Name: Vietbk
Jobs: bst 75
Sub Jobs: war mnk drk pld thf whitemage
Merits: 20

ZM – 15 or 16 I forgot but it is when you fight the lil kid.
PM- 3-5
Dynamis access : yes,
ToAU Mission - PSC
Assault Rank- don’t know.

Craft Levels – cooking 73

City and Rank – bastok 10 sandoria 9.2

Previous Linkshell - nothing

Reason for applying to PETS LS – because I want to hang out with bsts, we rule.

If come from another server, please give us your reason for moving

Previous experience like Sea, Sky, Salvage,HNM, etc.. A lot of sky and HNM experiences.

Personal Background
Name : Bao Kha Nguyen Eth: Vietnamese American (Asian in case you don't know)
Undergraduate at University of California Davis
Major: Bio Chem.
GPA : sO LOW...
Special about me : In a frat, like to drink, study, playing game and fuck, I'm not a sex addict.....
Hate pledging, suck shit.
Right now: Interning at clinic and Hospital over the summer.
Age : 20 years old..
Have I smoke weed before??: I see something in the past.... maybe in the future.. but not the present.
Dress Style : Thuggy...
Single : yes... for now. Player? Nah, i'm not... seriously... believe me.
Where do i see my self 10 years from now? In the army... in residency or beyond... Maybe an M.D. .. maybe.


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Re: application

Post  Yourran on Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:49 pm

Hi Vietbk,

/welcome to PETS LS

/tell Hayron or me in game to get your pearl.



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