SKY Event ~ 17/08/08

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SKY Event ~ 17/08/08

Post  Yourran on Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:35 am

This SKY farming was an epic run lol, we killed Zipacna and Despot.

First, Zippy, and OMG he showed up on the widescan, and another LS was otw too, so we pulled him with 1 smn died and just 3 bst and 2 smn...
Many members died and Zippy declaimed so the other LS claimed him but they wiped, we reclaimed him and killed, good job guyz ^^;
And big congratulation to the normies jobs sucks LS !!

Finally, we decided to pop Despot and after 1H30 he showed up, so we killed him and pretty fast !!

Despot dropped a Scarecrow Scythe, Congratulation Ziva !!

See you soon for new pics of our adventures !!



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