ZNM Tier I runs ~ 19/08/08

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ZNM Tier I runs ~ 19/08/08

Post  Yourran on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:31 am

We did 3 ZNM Tier I today, we will do tier II soon.

We did 2 Brass Borer and 1 Vulpangue, lots of fun lol and omg thank you hayron to have made me cry to laugh (look at the pics).
We got no problems with Brass Borer, we came with 1 SMN, 1 RDM, and 4 BST, but Vulpangue was an other history,we came with 1 SMN and 4 BST, and it was a long and hard fight due to his White Wind (like divine seal cure 5).

Crappy drops, next time ...

The Brass Borer's fight :

Hayron VS Brass Borer Round 1 and 2 :

The drops :

The Vulpangue's drops (No pics of this fight) :



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