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Reitzell App

Post  Reitzell on Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:06 pm

Character Name: Reitzell
Jobs: 75 Summoner, 75 Red Mage, 75 Dark Knight, 61 Thief
Sub Jobs: 37 White Mage, 37 Black Mage, 37 Warrior, 37 Ninja.
Merits: 60ish I think. Maybe more. Mainly merrited RDM, enfeeb magic, tier II spells & Bio III

ZM & PM: Not sure. either complete or almost complete. Have access to Sky & Sea. Have my Rajas ring & Whatchamacallit earing
ToAU Mission: 12, I think. Need Jody's .... something, from the Asshatts outside Aht Urghan
Assault Rank: Hardly done any assault.

Craft Levels: Alchemy 29

City and Rank: Bastok Rank 10

Previous Linkshell: Recently only social LS

Reason for applying to PETS LS: Pets LS sounds like fun, plus there are a lot of Rare/Ex armour i still want.

If come from another server, please give us your reason for moving: N/A

Previous experience like Sea, Sky, Salvage,HNM, etc... : Done sky a lot. Got Z-Head & Legs, Crimson Hands, Legs & Feet. A few others also. Done Sea a few times. not got any armour tho. Done limbo a few times also. Very interested in doing more. AF+1 ftw! Not done any Salvage. Not done much HNM's.

Personal Background: Been playing FFXI for a few years. Hooked on FF games since FFVII. I'm from Scotland so my playtimes would be GMT evenings.


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Re: Reitzell App

Post  Hayron on Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:45 pm

Thank you for your interest Reitzell, meet me in game.


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